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Little Miss has been showing interest in the alphabet for months now. Her favorite video to watch has been “Leap Frog’s Letter Factory.” In just a few short weeks she knew all of her letter sounds! She was only 19 months. I had no idea that tots were capable of learning the alphabet at such a young age! As a mom, I worry about providing my kids with the best opportunities for them to reach their full potential. So upon realizing Little Miss already knew all the upper-case letters along with their sounds, I knew I needed to step up my game. I took a little trip back into my “Headstart” days and began putting together some learning activities for her.

Note: I do not have any sort of education degree. I do, however, read books and educate myself on child development. So, I am by no means an expert in child education and development. And much of my knowledge has come from trial and error. Learning on the fly, that’s how I roll. But my love for teaching tots and my crazy crafting addiction make for some really fun learning activities. And I am very excited to open our home and share with you some of our fun learning times!

My “Tot School” activities are centered around the alphabet. This just seemed like a good way to keep it organized and to expose her to many different themes. Plus, I am such a “theme” person! It makes planning the activities more fun for momma!

So I will post each letter’s activities as we complete the letter. We are still working though the letter “A.” So stay tuned to see what fun there is with the letter A!


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