How to Make Foaming Hand Soap

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So I saw this on pinterest a few months ago (Waaaay to many of my sentences start like this!) and decided that I really wanted to try it! First because I just love the way foamy hand soap feels squishing through my fingers. And second because it is a great way to save some cash since the foamy soap is a bit more expensive than regular old pump soap. I’m so frugal! Anyway, I am very pleased with how well this works and with how simple it is to make! So let me show you…

You only need two things. Liquid soap and a foaming soap dispenser.

You can buy a pump for the foaming soap dispenser. I have seen some trendy ones on Amazon. Or you can just buy a bottle of foaming soap and re-use it. Truth be told, the only reason I splurged and bought the foaming dial soap was for the pump. Although it was the winter cranberry scent and oh so delicious!

So after we used all the dial soap, I rinsed out my bottle and pump. Time to get started.

I took my liquid soap and pumped 30 squirts of it into my foaming soap bottle.


You can see that 30 pumps doesn’t use up very much soap. Look how much is still left! I could probably stretch this bottle of soap and make it last for quite a while!

Then I just added water to the little bit of soap in my dispenser. I did not fill it all the way to the rim with the water. I left an inch at the top so there would be room to mix the soap and water. Then I gently rolled the dispenser in my hands. I did not try shaking it. From what I have read, shaking it makes it too foamy on the inside and it does not mix well. And that’s it! Easy Peasy!


Now you are ready to enjoy your foaming soap with your little toddler who has been watching with anticipation…saying “wash hands, mama?”


Sleeves all rolled up and everything!

Enjoy your new soap!

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  1. Deanna February 11, 2014 at 10:15 pm - Reply

    I do this too! Kids do a better job with foamy soap. The regular just slips off their hand in the sink!

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