Pinterest, Perfection, and Pretty Things – Why I Ditched the Mom Guilt

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Little Miss asleep in my arms after about a minute and a half of rocking her. She asks for it by name “Mama, rock you?” Some days I find myself hurrying through her story and our sweet time in the rocking chair. Why? Because its nap time and I have a list a mile long of things to do. Make baby home-made baby wipes. Edit my latest batch of pictures.  Create “feely” letters for helping teaching the alphabet.  Hang that adorable wall sticker I bought on Amazon. Create cute menu-planning board to display in kitchen. AHHHHH!!!

No wonder I’m exhausted and cranky! Somewhere along the way, I started believing that every good idea was an idea that I needed to implement. My ambitious little self wants to do it all! But let’s face it…there will never be time for every idea I pin on pinterest. So for me, I must prioritize. The first step for me is taking a little vacation from all that inspiration. What begins as a fun way of seeing new possibilities quickly turns into a set of bars that keeps me trapped. Imprisoned until everything on my list is completed.

I don’t want to miss life because I’m too busy making things better.

Somehow I managed to survive before DIY organic mascara. And somehow I will continue to survive without it.

It all starts in my over-cluttered mind. I must first simplify in there so I can enjoy holding my ever-growing baby girls. I want to play and be silly. I want to cuddle and watch cartoons. I want to hear her breathe. I want to feel her tiny self relax when she falls asleep as we rock in her rocking chair. I want to savor every precious moment to the fullest. And I simply cannot do it with the guilt of my list nagging my mind.

So for now, pinterest, I must bid you farewell. I will rely on my own creativity more and your ideas less. I will limit myself to visiting you only on occasions and for short times. We are no longer best friends…only mere acquaintances. See you…sometime.

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  1. LynDelle March 16, 2014 at 7:41 pm - Reply

    Such a great post! Thanks for the good encouragement. 🙂

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