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DIY No-Sew Paci-Clip - this works with a Soothie!

I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner!

I can’t even begin to count the number of times that Little Boo has dropped (or used her new-found skill of launching items) her sterile little pacifier on the floor.

At home, not so bad. More of an annoyance really. I can just pick it up and take it to the sink and wash all the little dirt and lint particles off of it.

At church or a restaurant, a bit harder. It’s still do-able. Get out those handy little wipes and clean that sucker off. Although, the residue left behind can sometimes make things taste weird. Don’t ask me how I know that!

Worst case scenario: Paci gets chucked out of the car while in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart in another state… this is not discovered until back on the road and Baby Boo is fussing because she wants her paci, specifically that one we got from the hospital the day she was born, to soothe her to sleep. Yes, this really happened. Yes, we drove back to search frantically. No, we didn’t have another one! Aye! And yes, we found the paci, unharmed, and in one piece! After scrubbing the thing down and praying over it, we got back on the road. Everyone was happy, at last!

Oh the trouble I could have saved myself! Why didn’t I have that precious little piece of plastic safely strapped on my baby where it belonged? Lesson learned.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you how you can make a cute little paci-clip for your cute little baby.

Here are the materials needed:

IMG_9374 540

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Single Hole Punch
  • Ribbon
  • Hair Band
  • Name Badge Clip or Suspender Clips (I used the name-badge clip because that is what I had on hand. Suspender clip would probably work better and look better.)

It’s so easy! Let’s get started!

First, measure and cut your ribbon. I didn’t actually measure my ribbon. I just sort of eye-balled it. So get your ribbon the length you want the paci-clip and then double that. It’s going to fold over on itself.

Then, lace the ribbon through the hole in the clip. Line up the ends of the ribbon. Use the hot glue to glue the back sides of the ribbon together. Make sure to line the edges up as you glue. Also, I’m sure you could probably sew the ribbon together too. My sewing machine is currently out of order. So my glue gun gets a pretty heavy work load these days!

IMG_9381 540

After you glue the ribbon together, you can heat seal the end of the ribbon. Do this by taking a lighter and running it along the end of the ribbon. It’s not really necessary, but it makes the edges a little neater and keeps the ribbon from fraying while you are working with it.

Then glue your hair band approximately an inch from the end of your ribbon. You want to keep the band from moving around on you while you’re working.

IMG_9389 - 540

Then fold the end through the band and tuck it under. Glue it in place. It should look like this:

IMG_9396 - 540 IMG_9397 - 540


…and Ta Da!

A Paci Clip!!!



Now you just need to attach it to the pacifier.

If your baby is anything like mine, she really likes her soothie. Since they don’t come with a little handle like some of the other brands, you will need to use your hole punch to make a hole for attaching the paci-clip.

IMG_9380 - 540

Then, just slide the band through the hole.

IMG_9422 - 540


Loop the ribbon through the band.

IMG_9423 -540

And pull it tight.

IMG_9425 - 540

And there you have it. A cute little paci clip!

DIY Paci Clip Title 540x360



I also wanted to mention that you could add embellishments to the clip to make it ever cuter. However, I decided not to since it could be a potential choking hazard. So if you do attach any little add-ons, just beware that there is always potential for them to come off and get into baby’s mouth.





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