How to make a preschool learning board.

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Little Miss has officially left toddlerhood for the wonders of the preschool life! I LOVE teaching her! And I love creating fun methods of learning for her. Truth be told, sometimes I get so caught up in creating the fun activity that little time remains for preschool! This mama is learning balance. But that’s a whole other post.

I’m a very visual learner. Meaning I don’t see concepts in my head very well. My sweet husband could tell you all about it after rearranging the living room furniture six times. He loves his wife! Anyway, we all learn differently. Regardless of learning style, visuals are super helpful when teaching basic concepts to a preschooler. And I was lucky to find many of these visuals at our local dollar store. What is was unable to find there, I found and printed from the web.

So with all these great visuals came the challenge of keeping our home from looking like a preschool. Our spaces are pretty tiny here. So the addition of number and letter charts would really clutter up the visual spaces. My someday house will have a lovely room, bay window and all, devoted to school. Then our charts will have a permanent home, but for now I created a fold-up school board that contains some of the basics we are learning. Preschool Board jewelsintheroughblog.comI ordered the white board from Amazon. It’s called a project display board. The dimensions are 36″x48″. It’s pretty tall. We put it on the floor so Little Miss can reach everything. For durability, I used clear contact paper to cover the front of the board before attaching any of my visuals.

I attached the visuals using poster putty. They are very easy to change out based on our current theme. All my visual you see here have been laminated. Since Little Miss would be interacting with all of visuals, I wanted to make sure they would hold up. Maybe they will even survive through preschool with two more munchkins! Preschool Board I was able to use my little laminator to laminate almost everything. I did have to take my calendar and days of the week chart to a school supply store since they were too big to squeeze through my laminator. If you don’t have a school supply store local, you can take your visuals to an office supply store to have them laminated. Although, the office supply stores are generally more expensive. Preschool Board My calendar and my days of the week chart both came from Deals. Check your local dollar stores. I have found they are a great source for preschool goodies!

My little weather chart came from Confessions of a Homeschooler. She has tons of great preschool printables! Preschool Board We store our daily weather graphics in the “Weather Today” pocket. I just cut and stapled cardstock to make this. Maybe someday I will create something adorable. But for now, this works well! I attached it to the board using a Velcro dot. It is easily removable so Little Miss can dump out her weather graphics.

The hundreds chart I found on a simple google search. There are so many! Preschool Board We just started working through a “Letter of the Week” program. And we are incorporating a verse of the week for each letter. These printables can be found here over at 1plus1plus1euals1. These printable are based on the book by Susan Hunt. ABC Bible verses The maps and clock I found at various sites online. I printed and laminated them. Preschol Board When we look outside to discuss the weather, we also discuss the current season. This seasons chart came from Preschool Mom. She has some other fun season printables that we will soon be using too! Preschol Board My letter chart is also from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  It is part of the “Letter of the Week” program that we just started.

The color and shapes cards were purchased at Deals. If you don’t want to buy them, they would be easy to make! Just remember to laminate them so they survive your preschooler!

So there you have it! A great visual for teaching some basics in preschool. It takes very little time and very little money to create.

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