Getting Started with Essential Oils

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I am so glad you made the decision to jump into the world of essential oils. And I am even happier that I get to help you navigate these new waters. It has been a great decision for my family and I’m confident that your family will benefit as well. If you landed on this page by accident and are still un-sure if essential oils are right for you, please click here and read this brief intro to essential oils. There you can also see why my family loves them so much!


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What do I look for when choosing essential oils?


Before really investing in essential oils, I did some research on the various companies selling oils. A few of the questions I asked were:

  • Do they bottle their own oils?
  • Where does this company get the plants to distill?
  • What is the method of distillation?
  • Are the oils tested for purity?
  • Does this company have a proven track record?
  • How is the customer service?
  • Is there a good selection of oils?
  • Do they have an informative website?
  • Do they offer educational information?

The best answers I could find were provided by Young Living.

Getting Started with Essential Oils

There are some great companies selling essential oils. But what really sold me on Young Living was their Five Step Seed to Seal Process. They utilize rigorous standards to ensure the best purity from the seeds that are chosen until the final seal is put on the bottle. For an up close and in depth look at this process visit the Young Living website by clicking below.

Getting Started with Essential Oils

1. Seed – Young Living partners with university researchers to ensure that the best seeds are chosen for the oils.

2. Cultivate –  The seeds are then grown in organic gardens around the world. It is necessary to have farms around the world since many of Young Living’s oils are from plants that are not native to the United States. Workers hand-pick the weeds in these gardens. And the only pesticide that are used are the oils themselves. Young Living has a great open-door policy regarding its farms. They encourage those interested to visit and even get their hands dirty at their farms. They so strongly believe in what they do that they offer world-wide trips to these farms as incentives to members! Currently, the farm in Simiane-la-Rotonde, France is on my to-do list.

3. Distill –  The seeds are then harvested at the correct time. Then they are low-pressure, low-temperature steam distilled. This ensures that the beneficial components of the plant remain uncompromised during the extraction process. Every plant is distilled slightly different from each other to ensure the highest quality oils.

4. Test – The oils are then rigorously tested by Young Living’s internal labs as well as third-party labs. Each oil is tested at various stages of the distillations process to determine the release of different plant components at each stage. The oils that don’t make the grade are sent back to the farms to be used as natural pesticides.

5. Seal – Young Living completes the process by inspecting each bottle and sealing it with detailed labeling information. Each bottle is labeled with tracking information so Young Living can track the location of its contents.

No re-bottling for Young Living! They know exactly what goes into each bottle of essential oils that they ship. And with such a great open-door policy, you can go and see too. With 20+ years of research and experience, they know their job. They do it well. And they are proud to show their work. Oh and 20 years experience makes Young Living the most experienced essential oil company on the market.


How do I get started?


Young Living has two options for buying oils. Retail and Wholesale.

1. Retail – Anyone can go to the Young Living website and order oils. This is the most expensive option. Because these are top-of-the-line oils, they tend to be a little pricey.

2. Wholesale – You do not have to sell product to enjoy the benefits of a wholesale membership. The wholesale membership provides options that are much more affordable. First, wholesale pricing is 24% off retail. On top of that, the wholesale membership has optional programs that provide even more of a discount. You can even get your starter kit paid for with the referral bonuses!!! For more information on getting your kit paid for, scroll down to the Making Money section. The only obligation to remain a member is purchasing $50 of product / year.

This option also provides a great deal for those who are just getting started on their oily journey. Let me introduce you to the starter kit.


Since getting started in essential oils can be expensive and overwhelming, Young Living put together a basic starter kit that covers all of your basic needs. It comes with everything you need to get started. And best of all, it is priced way below wholesale.

Sign Me Up!!!


Signing up is so easy!

  1. First, head over to the Young Living Sign Up Page by clicking here.
  2. Check to see that the box labeled “Wholesale Member” is clicked.
  3. Be sure the member number, 2187008, is in the boxes “Sponsor ID” and “Enroller ID.” That’s me. This number is important. By utilizing my number, you will join an amazing team of experienced oilers. They have been so valuable on my journey, sharing their experience and wisdom. Not to mention, they are great people who I now enjoy their friendship. Another advantage to joining our team is the business promotional assistance they offer, should you decide to pursue making money with Young Living.
  4. Fill out the personal information.
  5. Read and Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  6. Fill out the remaining information on Communication and choose a Username and Password.
  7. Then you can check out all the other starter kits Young Living offers. If you are want the one mentioned above, check the box next to the Premium Starter Kit.
  8. Finally, fill out the optional Essential Rewards information. Earlier I mentioned that there are more money-saving options. Well, this is it. Who doesn’t love cheaper shipping and free product? If you’re unsure you want to join Essential Rewards right away, you can opt out now and join later. However, you won’t want to wait too long. The longer you are in the program, the better the rewards!



Making Money with Young Living


Interested in getting your Young Living Starter Kit paid for? All you need are 3 people who are as excited about getting started with essential oils as you are. The referral bonus is only available for those signed up as wholesale member with the premium starter kit. Just share your experience with your friends. When they are ready to join, walk them through the sign-up process. Be sure to give them your member number for the “Sponsor ID” and “Enroller ID.” For each person you recruit, you will earn $50!

Young Living has a great compensation plan and some fun incentives if you really want to make a career with Young Living. Even if you just want a little part-time income, they have great benefits. You can invest as little or as much into your new business as you would like.

I will be writing more on how you can make money with Young Living. So check back soon for more information on careers with Young Living. For specific questions, please contact me using the form below. And do let me know when you join me on the oily journey! Would love to hear from you.

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