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Over the last year, I feel like my baking and cooking skills have greatly improved. Not only do I create better tasting food, I also create healthier dishes for myself and my family. I have learned to bake using whole grain flour. I can sauté and fry using coconut oil. I can sneak veggies in the  most unsuspecting snack foods. I can spot GMO corn a  mile away. I can even read and understand most of the words on the list of ingredients. I feel like I’m doing pretty good!

Nourish their souls and not just their tummies...

My daughters’ and my husband’s health is of the utmost importance to me. I will do everything I can to keep their bodies nourished and healthy. It’s not always easy and is often time-consuming…not to mention energy-consuming!

But, we mama’s do what we have to for our families.

You see, our kiddos will only eat a certain amount of food over the course of the day. Do I want my kids to be filled with food that has absolutely no nutritional value? Food that will make their mouth happy for the moment, but will eventually destroy them with their lack of nutrients? I only have a few opportunities to fill their little tummies with vitamins and minerals that will make them strong and healthy. And by-golly, if I can squeeze a carrot into a pancake, you bet your bottom dollar I will!

So last week, I really out-did myself. I rocked out a delicious, nutritious breakfast that my little ladies loved. Pancakes. Not just any pancakes. Whole-grain Buttermilk Oat Pancakes with home-made Praline Pecan Syrup. Not just healthy. Tasty! My picky two-year old devoured them. I felt great knowing that I made a breakfast that was not only thoroughly enjoyed by my little ladies, but also thoroughly nourishing to them. Ah! Success!

Sadly I made a massive mess of the kitchen. Cooking and clean-up took a pretty big chunk of time from my morning.  So when Little Miss says “Mommy, we forgot to read our verse.” I realized that I had become so involved in trying to find my kitchen beneath all the flour and dirty dishes, that I completely skipped our routine morning devotion! And she missed it. I’m so glad she missed it…and wanted it.

I nourished their bodies that morning, but left their souls lacking.

I soon began noticing other missed opportunities. I was too busy sweeping the floors after lunch to stop and teach Little Miss what it means to be kind and loving to her little sister. I didn’t take a break from folding laundry to read the Noah’s Ark board book that Boo Bear brought me. I didn’t step away from the sink long enough to look my little toddler in the eyes and instruct her on the importance of obedience. I just sent her to her room. How many other opportunities have I been missing?

Often, I feel justified in my actions. After all, the chores need to be done. The house must be cleaned. The meals won’t cook themselves. These are all good things that I am doing. But are they always the best use of my time?

God has called me to care for our home to the best of my ability. But He has placed an even greater responsibility on my shoulders…instructing and nourishing the precious souls of these little babies! Their health is always before me, especially during this awful flu season. It’s easy to remember that their bodies need to be cared for and nourished. If I don’t take care of  their bodies, it shows…usually with a fever in the middle of the night.

Souls go un-seen and often forgotten.

I don’t want to look and my grown children and realize, with regret in my heart, that my floors sparkled, but their hearts we not taught and instructed in the ways of the Creator. My prayer is that I would not see just what is in front of me, but that I would observe the un-seen. I want to nourish more than those little tummies. I want to nourish their souls with that daily bread we all need, the Word of God.

Feed yourself daily, so you have the strength and wisdom to feed them. No, we’re not talking pancakes anymore. No matter how full your day, take time for what matter most. I say that to you. I say that to me.

We won’t regret it!

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