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Life is busy. So busy. So incredibly busy. Not just my life, but your life too. We all spend the currency of time as though life were a never ending shopping spree. We fill our days with planning events, crossing off to-do lists, completing improvement projects, and a vast array of other events to make our lives the best they can be. After all, we only get one chance at this thing called life.

Who wouldn’t want to make the most of it while we can?

I’ll be the first to admit that I love to be busy. Lethargy is akin to depression for me. Moving and grooving keeps me sane. My mind. My hands. Neither one has the ability to sit still for long! My heart is happy at the thought of taking on something new. Honestly, it doesn’t matter so much what new project I dive into as long as it is something I have yet to attempt.

I am a very social creature. We enjoy play-dates with our friends several times a week. We are so in love with our church family! We enjoy worship on the weekend and Bible study during the week with an occasional game night thrown in the mix. I am always keeping an eye out for events like book sales, city wide garage sales, movies in the park, parades, and whatever else happens to cross my radar. Even my weekly grocery shopping affords me the luxury of being around lots of people.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with enjoying labor and the fruits thereof. Quite the contrary, it is a blessing to be able to enjoy work and accomplishments. It is also a blessing to be surrounded by friends and family. The problem arises when all my labor and business is solely for my own pleasure. I often find myself in the role of consumer. Most of what I do is to benefit me. Yep, me…myself…and I.

I am blessed to live in the abundance of such a wealthy nation. Even the poorest of the poor in this land has much to be grateful for. We have unending food choices. We are surrounded by entertainment. With our religious freedom, we even have access to libraries of books and sermons to help fill our spiritual appetites. We lack nothing.

Our great abundance makes it all too easy to slide into consumerism and forget to give something back.

As I reflect and ponder my own life, I recall sermons that someone prayerfully spent hours preparing so I could learn more of Jesus and His ways. Someone, or actually a few someones, prepared activities to teach my children the gospel so I could enjoy uninterrupted worship. I think about my recent purchases in shopping expeditions. Of course my family does enjoy eating, so needless to say, I buy food. But when I’m exploring the aisles, my mind is rarely thinking about blessing those less fortunate than I. In my down time I enjoy scrolling blogs and listening to podcasts. Someone put their heart and time into creating content that blesses me! And again I find myself consuming. Consuming some goodness, but consuming nonetheless.

There is a great Mama of the Faith that my soul and mind have often been blessed by, Sally Clarkson. I like to think we have so much in common. Four kids. Love for Jesus. Exuberance for the great outdoors. Enjoyers of home made bread and hot tea. Sally has authored many family, parenting, and life-giving home books. She also speaks on a weekly podcast called At Home with Sally Just listening to her years of Godly wisdom sparks the desire in me to love Jesus and be a better person!

I find that in following Jesus, I am a better person.

One of Sally’s recent podcast touched my heart and confirmed something my mind has been pondering for months. I. Am. Blessed. When I started this blog five years ago, it was with the intent of blessing others in the same way I had been blessed. But I got buried somewhere along the beaten path. The desire to share life-giving words of hope, encouragement, and most likely recipes for home made bread could not be seen under the piles of pinterest projects and to-do lists. But Sally’s words spoke deep to my soul. We are all here for a purpose. We all have a role to play in God’s grand drama we call life. If we cruise through living only for the pleasure of the moment, we are missing the grandest adventure of all. God, in His infinite wisdom, made us to be more than consumers. He gave each of us a unique role that only we can fill. Who will you be? Where will I fit in? What part will my children play?

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My heart is always ready for adventure. And so in faith and humility I choose to get back up. I will brush off the dirt and start walking forward one baby step at a time. My hope and prayer is that you will walk with me and be encouraged and inspired by my life as I have been by so many before me.

Will you join me?

Be blessed today, friend!

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