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Application: Dilute 1 part lemon oil to 1 part carrier oil before using topically. Directly inhale. Diffuse.

Precautions: Avoid applying to skin that will be exposed to sun or UV light within 24 hours. Also lemon oil should NOT be used in asthma patients.


Allergies  –  Dab lemon oil behind ear and under nose. It is more effective if combined with peppermint and lavender.

Allergy Roller Recipe  –  Mix equal parts lavender, peppermint, and lemon in a roller-ball. Rub on feet, neck, forehead.

Callous  –  Massage lemon oil on callous to soften skin.

Cold Sores  –  Dab lemon oil on cold sore. Use coconut oil and lemon to make a balm.

Colds, Cough, Respiratory Illness  –  Diffuse lemon oil.

Cough Drop Recipe  –  Head on over to Mama’s Essential Oil Cabinet for this recipe.

Digestion  –  Improve digestion by adding 2-3 drops of lemon to a glass of water.

Dental Health  –  Add to toothpaste for fresh breath.

Detox  –  Add 2 drop of lemon oil to a glass of water and consume. The lemon oil alkalizes water.

Ear Infection  –  Dab lemon oil outside the ear. Do NOT put the oil into the ear.

Energy  –  Put 1 drop of peppermint oil and 1 drop of lemon  oil in a glass of water. Drink.

Gum in Hair  –  Rub lemon oil in hair to remove gum.

Heartburn  –  Put 2 drops of lemon in glass of water. Drink.

Nail Fungus  –  Put on nails to fight fungus.

Sore Throat  –  Add 5-10 drops of lemon and / or tea tree oil to 2 TBS carrier oil. Rub on neck, chest, and behind ears.

Mouthwash  –  Mix 4 oz water with 2 drops of lemon oil.

Vapor Rub Recipe (Adult Recipe)  –  Mix equal parts lemon, eucalyptus, and peppermint oil in coconut oil. Rub on chest.

Weight Loss  –  Add 2 drops of lemon to glass of water. Drink 2-3 times daily.


Bad Day Play Dough Recipe  –  You can find this fun recipe at Kids Activities Blog.

Cough  –  Rub diluted lemon oil on bottom of feet. Or mix 2 drops lemon, 2 drops tea tree, 2 drops cedar wood in carrier oil and rub on bottom of feet.

Fever  –  Rub diluted on spine.

Indigestion  –  Rub 1 drop of diluted lemon on bottom of feet.

Jaundice  –  Rub 1 drop of diluted lemon oil on bottom of feet. Or diffuse.

Mood Enhancer (Grumpy Kids, Postpartum Mom)  –  Diffuse or make room spray with 4 oz bottle, 1 TBS vodka, 10-15 drops lemon, water to fill bottle.

Nausea in Pregnancy  –  Add 2 drop of lemon oil to glass of water. Drink.


Brighten Skin  –  Add 2 drops lemon to face wash.

Callous  –  Message lemon oil onto callous to soften skin and promote healing.

Deodorant Recipe  –  Mix the following ingredients:  4 TBS coconut oil, 2 TBS baking soda, 2 TBS arrowroot, 5-10 drops lemon oil. Store in empty deodorant container.

Face Wash Recipe  –  Mix baking soda, honey and lemon oil.

Highlights  –  Comb into selections of hair. Sit in the sun. Check hair often since lemon oil will lighten hair quickly. Wash out.

Nails  –  Rub lemon oil onto nails to promote strong, healthy nails.

Pores  –  See Toner Recipe. Or dilute lemon oil in water and rub on face.

Tooth Whitening  –  Add 1 drop to toothpaste.

Tooth Paste Recipe: Visit Wellness Mama for a great toothpaste recipe.

Toner Recipe  –  1 ½ cup distilled water, ½ TBS lemon juice, 2 drops lemon oil.

Varicose Veins  –  Rub diluted on problematic areas.


Air Freshener  –  Diffuse lemon oil to purify the air.

Ant Spray  –  Mix 1 cup water with 5 drops lemon oil. Store in stainless steel or glass spray bottle.

Carpet Cleaner  –  Add lemon oil to baking soda. Sprinkle on carper. Let it set 30 minutes. Vacuum.

Cleaner (All-Purpose) Recipe  –  Mix the following ingredients: ½ cup white vinegar, 32 oz water, 10-15 drops lemon oil. Store in stainless steel or glass spray bottle.

Daily Shower Spray  –  Mix the following ingredients:   ¼ cup water, 1 cup white vinegar, ½ cup rubbing alcohol, 1 tsp dawn dish soap, 15 drops tea tree, 15 drops lemon. Store in a stainless steel or glass spray bottle. You can add lavender to neutralize vinegar smell.

Dish Soap Recipe  –  Visit Overthrow Martha for this recipe.

Disinfectant  –  Fill stainless steel or glass spray bottle with water. Add lemon oil. Be sure to shake it up before each use.

Dish Rag  –  Disinfect dish rag by soaking in in water with lemon oil.

Dish Washer  –  Add 3 drops of lemon oil to dishwasher for spot free dishes.

Floors  –  Remove scuff marks by scrubbing lemon oil on them.

Goo-Gone Wanna-Be  –  Mix the following ingredients:   ¼ cup olive or vegetable oil, 1 TBS citrus juice, 3-5 drop lemon oil.

Grease on Hands  –  Rub lemon oil on hands to remove grease.

Goo / Sticker Remover  –  Rub lemon oil on sticky substance.

Grease Stains on Clothes  –  Mix lemon oil with castile soap. Let set on stain before scrubbing out.

Gum in Hair  –  Remove by rubbing lemon oil on gum.

Hand Sanitizer  –  Rub 1 drop lemon oil on hands. Or add a few drops of lemon oil to aloe vera gel and store in a squeezable container.

Jewelry Cleaner  –  Soak cloth in water with lemon oil. Use cloth to clean jewelry.

Laundry  –  Refresh laundry left in washer by rinsing with few drops lemon oil.

Leather Conditioner  –  Wipe leather with a cloth soaked in water and lemon oil.

Plants  –  Kill aphids and larvae by spaying a water and lemon oil mixture on plants.

Soft Scrub Recipe  –  Mix the following ingredients:  2 TBS baking soda, 1-2TBS water (enough to make paste), 3 drops lemon oil.

Stainless Steal Polish  –  Use lemon water-soaked cloth to clean appliances.

Walls  –  Remove crayon, marker, dry erase markers by rubbing on stain.

Wood Polish  –  Add lemon oil to olive oil to polish furniture.

Veggie and Fruit Bath  –  Fill sink with water. Add 5 drops lemon oil. Let soak 10 minutes.

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