Nourish their souls and not just their tummies...Do We Nourish Their Souls?

Over the last year, I feel like my baking and cooking skills have greatly improved. Not only do I create better tasting food, I also create healthier dishes for myself and my family. I have learned to bake using whole grain flour. I can sauté and fry using coconut oil. I can sneak veggies in the  most unsuspecting snack foods. I can spot GMO corn a  mile away…




Raising Little Helpers while doing everything else. jewelsintheroughblogRaising Little Helpers

Two kiddos.  You wouldn’t think that caring for two kids would be that much more difficult than taking care of one. After all, it is just one more. Right? One more hand to hold. One more mouth to feed. One more boo boo to kiss. Piece of cake! Well come to find out…I was wrong! Yeah, real wrong…




Pinterest, Perfection, Pretty Things TITLE 1200Pinterest, Perfection, and Pretty Things

Little Miss asleep in my arms after about a minute of rocking her. She asks for it by name “Mama, rock you?” Some days I find myself hurrying through her story and our sweet time in the rocking chair. Its nap time and I have a list a mile long of things to do…

Loving On E - Finding Strength to Give When You Have Nothing LeftLoving On E – Finding the Strength to Give When You Have Nothing Left

Just when I’m doing great and think I have it all together, the ground beneath me shifts sending me tumbling down to land flat on my face. *ouch*…



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