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Application: Apply topically. Inhale from bottle. Diffuse.


Scatter Brain  –  Diffuse to promote focus.

Anger  –  Diffuse or apply to wrists to promote calmness.

Stress Away Soak Recipe  –  Mix the following ingredients:  ¼ cup Epsom salt, 1/8 cup sea salt, 4 drops stress away.

Tension Headache Rollerball  –  Mix 8 drops of Stress Away with 3 drops of Peppermint. Fill remainder of rollerball with a liquid carrier oil. Rub on temples and back of neck as often as needed.

Fear  –  Diffuse or inhale after rubbing a drop of Stress Away on palms.

Headache  –  Rub on temples.

Blood Pressure  –  By lowering effects of stress, lower high blood pressure.

Mood Swings  –  Rub on wrists to help promote stable moods.

PMS  –  Diffuse or apply abdomen.

Sleep Aid  –  Diffuse along with lavender.

Worry  –  Diffuse or rub on wrists.


Perfume  –  Apply to wrist and behind ears.

Salt Scrub  –  Mix Epsom salt,  coconut oil,  and stress away.

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