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Application: Dilute 1 part thieves to 4 parts carrier oil to use topically. Diffuse for 15 minutes every 3-4 hours.

Precautions: Possible skin / sun sensitivity.


Bee or Wasp Sting  –  Rub thieves on sting to neutralize toxins.

Cavities  –  Add thieves to toothpaste.

Cold Sore  –  Rub thieves on sore.

Congestion  –  Place a drop of Thieves on a tissue or in the palm of your hands. Breathe in.

Cough Drop Recipe  –  Head on over to Mama’s Essential Oil Cabinet for this recipe.

Cuts, Scrapes, and Wounds  –  Rub on cuts to prevent infection.

Germs  –  To kills germs in the air, diffuse.

Gum Disease  –  Add thieves to toothpaste. Or rub thieves on affected area.

Hand Sanitizer Recipe  –  Mix aloe vera, thieves, water, vitamin e. Store in a squeeze bottle.

Headache  –  Put 1 drop of thieves on thumb. Press thumb to roof of mouth. Repeat every 15 minutes up to 4 times as necessary until headache subsides.

Immunity Boost  –  Rub on bottom of feet daily. Thieves  does not have to be diluted when rubbed on the bottom of adult feet.

Phlegm Reducer  –  Add 1 drop of theives to a glass of orange juice. Drink.

Smoking Cessation  –  Put 1 drop of thieves on the tip of tongue.

Sore Throat  –  Put thieves in water. Gargle.

Sore Throat Spray Recipe  –  Mix the following ingredients:  1/8 oz vodka, 1 ½ oz water, 15 drops thieves, 5 drops lemon, 2 tsp honey. Store in 2 oz spray bottle.

Toothache  –  Rub thieves on affected area.

Toothpaste  –  Mix thieves with baking soda.

Children and Babies

Congestion  –  Rub diluted thieves and lemon on bottom of feet.

Teething Cream Recipe  –  Mix the following ingredients:  ¼ c coconut oil, ¼ c cocoa butter, 12-15 drops thieves, optional: frankincense.


Blemishes  –  Put a drop of Thieves on pimple twice daily to help heal skin.


All Purpose Cleaner Recipe  –  Mix the following ingredients:  2 oz water, 15 drops thieves, 1 tsp witch hazel. Store in a spray bottle.

Dishes  –  Add thieves to dish water or to dishwasher to sanitize.

Floors  –  Add thieves to mop water to disinfect. Half a sink full of water to 4 drops thieves.

Goo Gone  –  Use thieves to remove sticker residue.

Laundry  –  Add to washing machine to help remove excess grime from clothes.

Plant Bug Spray Recipe  –  Mix 10 oz water and 8 drops thieves. Store in a stainless steel or glass spray bottle.

Tub Scrub  –  Mix thieves and baking soda.

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